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Setting up assessments

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SupportAbility allows you to create quantitative assessments to assess clients. Assessments can be used to create support needs assessments, competency assessments, or anything else you can think of.

The structure of assessments:

Assessments have the following structure:

  • Test: The assessment (test) itself. Eg. Support Needs Assessment

  • Criteria Group: Used to group criteria of a similar kind, that all share the same evaluation scale. Eg. Mobility

  • Criteria: An item to assess quantitatively from 1-4. Eg. Ability to stand independently

To set up a new test:

  1. Go to the Dashboard

  2. Go to System Preferences. You'll need to have the system preferences privilege on your user account to do this.

  3. Go to the Assessments tab

  4. Click the Add a new test Icon

  5. Replace the name New Competency Test with the name of your new test. Eg. Support Needs Assessment

  6. Click the Add a new assessment criteria group to this test button to add a new criteria group to your new test.

  7. Once at the Criteria Group edit screen, give your Criteria Group a name. If you wish you can customise the criteria group evaluation levels (1-4) on the right hand side of the screen and what each level represents to criteria under this group. Once you're done. Hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

  8. Now we can start adding Criteria to our criteria group. To do this, click the Add a new criteria Icon. Give the criteria a description, ie. what you are assessing. You can sort the criteria list by using the orange arrows on the left side of each criteria to drag each criteria up or down in the list. Once you're done, hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen

  9. If needed you can add additional criteria groups to your test.

  10. Now your test is ready to use to create assessments for clients. To perform a new assessment, click on the Assessments tab of any client record, Choose the assessment type from the pull down list and click the Icon.