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  •      How does subscription work?
  •      Are there any set up fees?
  •      So SupportAbility is a cloud based application. What does that mean?
  •      How do my staff receive training?
  •      Can we import data from our existing system into SupportAbility?
  •      Can we integrate SupportAbility with our existing finance and other internal systems?
  •      Which government systems and programs do you integrate with?
  •      What is the minimum contract period?
  •      Who owns the data we put into SupportAbility?
  •      How does SupportAbility define a user?
  •      Will my data be safe?
  •      What browsers do you support?
  •      What operating systems do you support?
  •      Why don't you support older browsers?
  •      What happens if we pay for custom development, do all SupportAbility clients get the changes we're paying for?
  •      What are the terms in the SupportAbility subscription contract?

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