SupportAbility Documentation Library

    Getting Started Video Tutorials

    • NOTE: There are many more training videos available directly from the Learning Centre within SupportAbility
      01 - Logging In
      01 - Logging In (Runtime: 02:58)
      • 2 Levels of security
      • Shared Security
      • User Security
      • Telling the browser to remember the shared username and password
      02 - The Learning Centre
      02 - The Learning Centre (Runtime: 03:01)
      • Accessing the learning centre
      • The learning centre sections
      • Getting a list of clients that subscribe to your newsletter
      • How to view the training videos in a section
      • How to play the videos in a section as a playlist (one after the other in sequence)
      • The learning centre log
      • Understanding video view heatmaps
      03 - Resetting Your Password
      03 - Resetting Your Password (Runtime: 04:21)
      • Telling SupportAbility to reset your password
      • Receiving the reset password email and clicking the reset password link
      • Choosing a new password
      04 - Bookmarks
      04 - Bookmarks (Runtime: 03:35)
      • Creating bookmarks
      • Using bookmarks to communicate with other staff
      • Using bookmarks to leave yourself notes within the system
      • Editing existing bookmarks
      • Replying to a bookmark that was sent to you
      • Deleting bookmarks
      • The bookmarks dashboard portal


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